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    We are a digital marketing consultancy focused on providing our clients a strategy to grow their business' online presence. Not every business needs to use every tool on the market, so we dissect your current presence online and make recommendations to grow it.


    Our approach to each client is well-rounded as no two clients are the same. Contact us to learn how we can help your business marketing efforts reach new heights.




  • Our Team

    Clinton Senkow

    Founder/Chief Strategy Officer

    He has always had a passion for entrepreneurship and helping businesses grow. He has held roles within international sales, marketing, and partnerships for venture-backed and crowdfunded startups. He saw the need for businesses to market themselves online better, therefore deciding to start SocialBare. In his free time, he enjoys cooking and traveling with his wife or sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee reading the latest tech news,new book, or writing his latest blog post.





    Hiring for Various Positions!

    We are currently looking for enthusiastic team members in the roles of Marketing Strategist, Business Development, Graphic Designer, and Customer Success.


    Apply with your resume to:

  • Clients

    Steelhead Structures

    "The team at SocialBare was able to deliver on their promise of creating a professional website that we feel great about showing our clients. We definitely recommend them to anyone in search of a website that is modern and clean"

    Calgary Fire Department Men's Hockey

    "Their design team was able to use our vision and their creativity to create something that we love representing"

    "SocialBare transformed our original online marketing plan and we were able to see a huge spike in engagement right away"

    Connected Getaways

    "Overall the expertise and guidance that SocialBare has given our brand is amazing and puts us ahead of our competitors"

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